Notice of Sale and Disposal of...
Notice of Sale and
Disposal of Property
PS Orangeco, Inc. and/or Shurgard TRS, Inc. will conduct sales(s) at Public Storage located at St Louis Park 25873: 3200 France Ave S, St Louis Park, MN 55416-4757. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell at public auction on July 27, 2017 at 9:30 am personal property including but not limited to furniture, clothing, tools and/or other household items. The name of the person(s) whose personal property is to be sold is as follows: 2122 Cosey, Lashonda; 2301 Beasley, Leaosure; 2318 Jasper, Olivia; 2359 Ndjitchoua, Hermes; 2366 Banks, Marvin; 2468 Green, Fiona; 2511 Edwards, Larry; 3230 Malik, Melanie; 3411 Neverdahl, Scot; 6106 Watson, Allen; 6116 Simon, Enrique - Simon Industries, Inc.; 6339 Joselyn, Bernadine; 6437 Wey, Cheryl; 6504 Guinn, Amy; 6508 Gurciullo, Isabella; 6531 Miller, Shlomo; 7326 Sutmar, Cathy; 7333 Madison, June; 8203 Twocrow, Alicia.
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