Goldendoodle (Minis)


- Puppies come with all their age appropriate shots (Canine Distemper/Parvo, Hepatitis, Pavovirus, Parainfluenza, Bordatella) and dew claws have been removed very early. I believe in setting up my puppies for a successful, happy, healthy life. Puppy's health is closely monitored by me and my vet. I will provide a Health Record at the time of delivery showing each item.

- Puppies come with a 100 point checklist "teeth-to-tail" vet check just before delivery...and then the vet ranks the puppy with a body score. You will receive the original Vet Health Check Sheet with any notes and comments at the time of delivery.

- Puppies will come with a "PUPPY BASKET", that has starter Life Abundance food (that will last about 20 days), a Sampler Treat from Life Abundance, packets of shampoo, soft toy, and a bag of pine chips for outside potty purposes along with a "blankie" that I rub on momma so puppy is not so afraid the first few nights, puppy will smell his momma on the blanket.


- Will be 25-35 lbs fully grown.

- My momma dogs trust me because I have always been with them in their birthing process so they let me begin handling and working with the puppies from day one. Cuddling, loving and holding each of my beautiful babies begins early and happens often! This makes for a very friendly, adventure-loving, and happy puppy that is not afraid of people or affection.

- I work with the puppies as soon as they start walking to teach them to go out of the bed and potty on pine chips that are on the floor. In time, I move the pine chips outdoors and the puppies start going out a flip door to the outside to potty on those pine chips. They become 100% potty trained at my place...but since they don't know where your front door is, I say they are only 95% potty trained when to go home with you.

-The momma dogs love their babies and I watch as she teaches them "all thing puppy". For socialization, I acclimate my puppies with other pets and people so that I can bless you with a loving and confident puppy that will grow up to be a great pets!

I do not spay or neuter my puppies as early aesthetics is very dangerous for a young puppy. I suggest you spay or neuter at about 5 to 6 months. At the time of the surgery, I also suggest getting your puppy microchipped.

- My Retrievers are mixed with a Miniature Poodle so my puppies are very friendly and very smart! The Labrador and Golden Retriever breeds have been ranked as "friendliest dog" in the AKC world for many, many years and people love this type of dog, but many people struggle with all of the shedding. The Poodle breed was brought to the United States to hunt fox because they are very, very smart. They also are an easy breed to teach new things because of their intelligence. Because this intelligent dog does not shed, it makes a great breed to partner with the friendly breeds to produce just the type of puppy that people are looking for -- low to no shedding and friendly. My puppies also have the great feature of being bred to a miniature poodle, which gives a smaller dog that is just right for your family!

To add one of my puppies to your family, the first step is to visit my website and fill out the adoption form. When that is sent, I will contact you with more information about choosing your puppy and delivery dates.

Miniature doodles adopt out really fast, so I do my best to keep the website photos current showing only available puppies. Don't delay. Choose your puppy now and gain a forever fur friend for your family.
Contact: 952-693-5315
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